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Welcome to All Stars Beverages!

We have been brewing Kvas for over 23 years.

We are pleased to offer the best Kvas on the US and Canadian markets.

Kvas is a traditional Russian healthy soft drink similar to kombucha,

except it is brewed on sourdough rye bread.

Our Kvas is naturally fermented; we don't use any artificial ingredients.

It contains healthy living cultures, as well as vitamins and minerals.


The C and B Group vitamins that it contains can only be absorbed

with food or drinks, and should be taken daily for healthy

nervous, immune, and digestive systems function.You can also drink this beverage in hot weather; it's refreshing and it quenches thirst.


In North America, we are the only authentic Kvas producers

at the moment. We are using sourdough rye bread

and raisins to produce our delicious drink.


Available at a Russian deli store near you.


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