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Kvas has been the traditional go-to summer drink in Russia for centuries.

It was first mentioned in Old Russian Chronicles in the year 989.

It contains much less sugar than other soft drinks, and billions of living cultures, as well as vitamins and minerals. It can be described as something in between beer and Coke, with a lot more

health benefits than either of these.

Traditional Kvas makers start with soaking sourdough rye bread in water, and then adding honey, raisins, or other herbs or fruits that the recipe calls for. The mixture ferments for 72 hours, which produces 

carbonation and a unique sour taste.


These days, some of the Kvas you find in the stores doesn't go through this ancient fermentation process. Traditional Kvas is a living beverage.

At All Stars Beverages, we are using the traditional methods

for making a naturally fermented, healthy drink.

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